excerpts from my autobiography

my mother raised me to be retrospective.

but this blog is about periods and cats.

Like why did I even buy a cat tree with multiple levels?

Fb sees a witchy little face in my broccoli B-)

ditl of a librarian

Weddings suck and everything is tacky


it’s been 20 years for fuck sake Usagi get your shit together

I’m buying a new car and the salesman I met up with yesterday totally reminded me of the 2nd dude I boned so of course I stalked him on Facebook, and lol his likes.

Rewatching Buffy and getting mad because all of her relationships are toxic and her friends are total dicks a lot of the time and p. much I don’t understand how you’re supposed to like anyone in this show except for Buffy and Giles and Jenny Calendar.


A teen turned in a volunteer application today. Under General Skills she wrote “Can marathon a season of a TV show in one day”

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Kinda thought I might die today when another driver ran a red light. Everyone is okay though.



I wish “young adult authors” were yknow, actual young adults in the 18-25 age range at least and not old dudes writing about the high school girl they never got to fuck with and you know who I’m talking about


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